The Principles of Our Consultancy

While the word unique is often overused, it’s accurate when used to describe , both in terms of our experience and expertise, and how we work with our clients.

1. The power of three. With three different perspectives based on three different experience sets, we bring you the benefits of working with a senior agency team rather than a single consultant -- while sparing you the overhead, junior staff and fee structures typical of agencies.

2. 100% customization.
In our world,there is no one-size-fits-all. We don’t have any “the way we usually do it” templates, because we’re not an agency. We are consultants. So with each client engagement, we develop a scope of work, a plan of attack, a team approach and a fee structure that’s tailored precisely to the client’s needs.

3. One dedicated engagement leader with one-call accountability – who links you to the entire team’s insights, ideas and counsel. And you decide how you want your team sized, configured and at hand. You can have one person on site as needed, or all three of us, or a combination. And we’re equally proficient at working long-distance with little or no on-site presence, if that makes your life easier.

4. Access to senior counsel, 24/7. No junior staff. Nary a one. Never. Ever. Lewton, Seekins and Trester are LS&T, so when you pick up the phone to talk to us, you’re talking to someone with 33+ years of experience. (We don’t even have a receptionist.) And because we’re strategically located on the East Coast, Midwest and West Coast (), one of us can be at your side within a few hours if a crisis (or the board chairman) demands it.

5. Recommendations based solely on what we believe will work for your organization -- not what will generate more business for us. We provide counsel, assessment, recommendations and plans for our clients -- but we don't sell advertising or any other types of commmunications services. So you can be assured that when we recommend a specific strategy or tactical executuin, it's not so that we can do that work, it's because we think it's the right step to achieve your objectives.

6. Fee flexibility.
We don’t have a “standard” way of setting up fee structures. If you prefer a retainer, we can do that. If you want a project budget with hourly rates and scope of work guaranteed in advance, we can do that. Long-term engagement for ongoing counsel on a range of challenges – can do. Short-term assignments focused on one specific situation – ditto.

7. Collegiality. We don’t see our role as being the people with all the ideas or the famed pro’s from Dover who arrive with the briefcase full of previously used programs. We partner with you, rolling up the proverbial (and literal) shirt sleeves, and collaborating with you and your team to define strategies and solutions that will work for your organization, your market, your situation. In our world, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits all, or a “typical” client.

8. Seamless involvement. We seek to be unobtrusive, and to work in a style that makes no waves within your organization. We can work side-by-side with your existing marketing, PR or advertising agencies, or with your long-time legal or government relations advisers. Since each of us has years of experience managing our own teams in large organizations, we will work with your team as appropriate, in a way that is non-threatening and creates a positive comfort level for them.

9. Connections. If there is specialized work that you need done, either during or after our engagement, which goes beyond the scope of our role as counsel, we can help you find the right agencies or firms to help you. We have ongoing relationships with several of the country’s leading health-care public relations, marketing and strategic planning agencies, so we can make a seamless transition if you desire, or we can assist you with a full-scale agency search process.